10 Sex-Positive Questions to Ask Your Parents about Freaknik

10 Sex-Positive Questions to Ask Your Parents about Freaknik

Mother's or Father's Day is around the corner and your parents or parental figures in your life are probably expecting the usual: candles, spa dates, socks and coffee mugs. But let's give them some credit - they are probably way cooler than that! 

So in addition to showing love with traditional gifts -- use PO' UP! Card Game to dig deeper into some of the best days of their lives - their college days.

Even better - you can use this as an opportunity to ask your parents sex positive questions you've been too shy to ask about their time at Freaknik back in college.

This means having an open attitude and conversation about sex and sexuality without judgment. Yes, even if it's with your parents.

Because let's be real - most of the pushback around this upcoming Hulu Freaknik documentary is connected to the shame and stigma we've associated with our parents being sexually free in their younger days (as long as this freedom was consensual).

If we remove the stigma associated with being grown adults living our best lives - especially during your college or younger days - we could celebrate the history of Freaknik as openly and positively as we celebrate the history of Woodstock or Coachella.

I mean - didn't we all love that episode of Insecure when Issa had her best life with Nathan on that Ferris Wheel? 

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So to help you cut to the chase and get non-judgmental with your parents, here are 10 questions from PO' UP! Card Game you can ask them before that Hulu Freaknik documentary comes out! 

Heads up - these questions are not for the faint of heart. But remember... your parents had a life before they brought you into this world! So 1) don't act brand new and 2) no sex-shaming!

1. Share your top 3 spring break destinations in college.

If Atlanta is named as one of those locations and your mom went to college in the late 80s-early 90s...that was obviously Freaknik! 

2. Have you ever hooked up with more than one member of the same chapter? 

3. Which college had the best dating prospects?

4. Share your best college road trip story.

5. Did the following lyrics reflect your dating life: "We ain't goin' steady, we just be fuckin' round?"

6. Who was your most memorable college hook up?

7. PO' UP! if you ever had sex when your roommate was in the room.

8. Is your college crush currently in the room (or still in your life)?

Box of PO' UP! Card Game and question about college crushes

9. Share your most memorable drunken moment.


10. Share an embarrassing college photo with the room.