PO' UP! is a celebratory expression used in the Black community to acknowledge a major milestone in life such as graduation. It's an abbreviation for "pour up," similar to "cheers" or "toast to Black Excellence!" When you see "PO' UP!" on your card - take a sip.

Fun fact: The person who encouraged us to create "PO' UP!" also doesn't drink. Sip with water, a mocktail or another non-alcoholic beverage. We've had a fitness guru who even replaced "PO' UP!" with push-ups for a workout. No matter what, celebrate Black excellence in your own way.

No matter your education experience, our game is for you because Black Excellence is most powerful when celebrated in community. Whether you attended, visited, or graduated from a PWI, MSI or HBCU, this game is for you.

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Yes! PO’ UP! To Black Excellence!

Yes! Love a Black woman from infinity to infinity!

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104 cards come in each deck. 100 cards include questions and prompts. Four (4) cards include instructions and social media information.

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