FORWARD by Square: A Game-Changing Experience for PO' UP! Card Game

FORWARD by Square: A Game-Changing Experience for PO' UP! Card Game

As the founder of PO' UP! Card Game, I'm all about chasing dreams and pushing boundaries. So, when I was accepted into FORWARD - an accelerator program by Square for early-stage businesses - I was beyond excited. 

What is the FORWARD by Square Accelerator? 

Over the last few months, I've had the privilege of participating in FORWARD by Square - an intensive accelerator designed to support and empower 25 promising entrepreneurs. 

I was able to receive increased access to the necessary capital, products, financial literacy, and coaching to help take PO’ UP! Card Game to the next level!

As part of the program, we were paired with celebrity mentors Dwayne Wade, Ayesha Curry, Rosario Dawson and Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings of Earn Your leisure who challenged us to think critically, refine our business model, and identify opportunities for growth.

About Forward by Square's Accelerator Program

We got flewed out to Miami:

After completing four week's of curriculum designed and taught by 1863 Ventures, we were invited to attend the Forward Forum in Miami on June 5.

This event brought together trailblazers, innovators, and visionaries, promising a platform where I could learn, network, and make some serious moves. Get ready as I spill the tea on my exhilarating experience at the Forward Forum and how it's leveling up the future of PO' UP!

2023 Forward Cohort in Miami at Miami Ironside

The Energy of the Forward Forum:

Walking into the Miami Ironside venue, the vibes were off the charts. Bottomless mimosas, brunch bites from local chefs as well as coffee and cocktails by Ayesha Curry's brand, Sweet July.

The excitement was infectious, and you could feel the energy buzzing in the air. The Forward Forum was a melting pot of go-getters, change-makers, and disruptors, all committed to shaping the future of tech, entrepreneurship, and commerce.

Each panel had a dope speaker line-up including Ayesha Curry, Troy Millings and Rashad Bilal from Earn Your Leisure, and Manny Portuondo, owner of Cerveceria La Tropical. Then we had time for networking galore. The atmosphere was electric, and I was here for it!

Forward by Square Mentor Ayesha Curry - CEO of Sweet July

Reimagining Possibilities:

The Forward Forum didn't hold back when it came to mind-blowing keynotes. Each speaker came ready to drop gems. They shared stories of resilience, breaking barriers, and challenging the status quo.

And let me tell you, their stories hit different. They inspired me to think bigger, bolder, and outside the box. They reminded me that the only limits we have are the ones we set for ourselves. 

The panel discussions were lit too. Troy and Rashad from Earn Your Leisure kept it real with us on everything from sustainable business practices to the advantages of repurposing content across platforms.  It made me question the gaming industry norms and fueled my determination to continue disrupting the game aisle with PO' UP! Card Game.

Troy Millings and Rashad Bilal of Earn Your Leisure

Networking and Collaborations:

Listen, the Forward Forum was a vibe for making connections. I connected with badass entrepreneurs from the cohort, industry leaders, and potential partners who were just as hungry for success as I am. The networking opportunities were off the charts, and I jumped in headfirst. We shared ideas, swapped stories, and built relationships that could take PO' UP! Card Game to new heights.

Let me spill some tea: these connections opened doors I never even knew existed. We talked about innovative marketing strategies, explored fresh distribution channels, and even discussed future partnerships. It was like the universe was aligning the stars for PO' UP! to shine even brighter.

2023 Forward Cohort 25 Black and Latino-owned businesses and entreprenuers

The Future of PO' UP! Card Game:

Okay, y'all, the Forward Forum turned up the heat on PO' UP! Card Game. We're ready to take the gaming world by storm, and we're doing it our way. We're not just talking about it; we're about that action. 

We're about to bring some next-level innovation to the table. We're talking about upgrading our current product, introducing expansion packs and a whole line up of immersive experiences that will make your head spin. We want to create an epic gaming experience that keeps our community coming back for more. The Forward Forum lit that fire under us, and we're ready to blaze a trail in the gaming industry.

Lizz Rene, CEO of PO' UP! Card Game: Photo by EYEimagery

What's Next:

The Forward Forum was a game-changer for PO' UP! Card Game. It pushed us to dream bigger, think outside the box, and go after what we want with everything we've got. The connections we made, the knowledge we gained, and the inspiration we felt are propelling us to new heights.

So get ready, because PO' UP! Card Game is about to change the game. We're all about that innovation, sustainability, and creating an experience that leaves you wanting more. The Forward Forum by Square set us on the path to success, and we're running full speed ahead. Stay tuned, because we're about to make some serious waves in the gaming industry!